Exercise Therapy

Move better for longer.

Exercise Therapy gets you moving to help reduce pain levels. Our Exercise Physiologist’s work with you to develop an exercise program that is tailored to your goals and current function. Time is spent with you to better understand how pain affects your life and they way you move. We assess your movement and ask you what tasks/activities you struggle with in order to direct our treatment to improve those movements. With a rehabilitation-specific gym at our disposal the exercise opportunities are endless, meaning we can prescribe exercise for any condition in a safe manner.

Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU)

With multiple MCU’s we are Canberra’s leading neck pain management and whiplash rehabilitation clinic. The MCU utilises a cable-system that is capable of improving neck movement and strength across all ranges.


Our Exercise Physiologist’s offer water-based exercise to make movement easier. Hydrotherapy allows for painful joints and areas to undergo exercise without the excessive loading. The exercises completed in the pool are designed to improve mobility, strength and endurance to help you improve your ability to move.

Capital Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic

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