Physical activity that helps rheumatoid arthritis

No one wants to get a condition like rheumatoid arthritis but if you do you will fare better if you had been physically active before the onset of the disease. This was identified in a recent scientific study involving 600 Swedish patients. Benefits were seen for both physical and emotional components of the overall impact of the disease.

The study added weight to the growing amount of evidence that has been published in recent years showing the benefit of at least regular mild to moderate intensive physical activities in not only maintaining general fitness but also reducing the impact of diseases that may develop.

Once the disease has developed it is vitally important to maintain regular exercise. Our well qualified exercise physiologists and physiotherapists can assess your condition and develop a suitable program for you. This will include a program that you can follow yourself at home and you can also utilise our specialised gym with support from our team.

Don’t have anything wrong with you now but want to take advantage of the benefits of physical activity for your future health? Then contact us today and let us help you be proactive!