Partners in crime! Chronic pain and irritable bowel

Partners in crime! Chronic pain and irritable bowel

Many people with chronic pain will also suffer with an irritable bowel leading to diarrhoea or constipation. No wonder really when you consider that the body is putting its energies into coping with the pain rather than normal bodily functions such as digestion, and that pain medications also affect how well our bowels work.

According to an Australian publication, Looking after your bowel, a guide to improving bowel function, there are five important steps you can take:

1. Good habits on the toilet
2. Pelvic floor muscle training
3. Check your diet and make changes if needed
4. Use medications with care
5. Check your lifestyle and make changes if necessary

More information and techniques can be found online at:http://www.bladderbowel.gov.au/assets/doc/LookingAfterYourBowel.html

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