National Pain Week 2016

Did you know that 25– 31 July is National Pain Week in Australia. National Pain week is an initiative of Chronic Pain Australia and has four main aims:

  • De-stigmatising the experience of chronic pain;
  • Promoting current thinking that explains chronic pain to the wider Australian community;
  • Creating healing relationships between the person in pain and their pain clinician/s and;
  • Reducing the isolation and suffering of people in pain.

This year’s National Ambassador is former Australian cricket captain, Michael Clarke, who has lived with chronic pain for most of his adult life. He is passionate about others with chronic pain staying positive and seeking help to manage their pain.

One of the activities to be held during the week is the National Pain Week 2016 Conference “You look good. How do you feel?” The major focus of the conference is the invisibility of chronic pain.  This is broken down into three themes that are woven into the conference program:

  1. Wellbeing and living with chronic pain
    1. How do people know what treatments to choose?
    2. What contributes to resilience?
  2. Arts in health
    1. What can art do for people in chronic pain?
    2. The Art Initiative
  3. Technology and chronic pain
    1. The World’s First Hackathon – the winners
    2. How does an app help someone in pain who cannot communicate?

The conference will be held at the Lowenthal Auditorium, Westmead Hospital on 29th July 2016 please click here for further information on the conference