GymParticipating in an exercise program that is specifically written for you, one that reflects your health and ability is absolutely essential.

At Capital Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic we do just that. Not only do we have a fully equipped gym that also contains specialised rehabilitation equipment, we also have highly qualified exercise physiologists that oversee and write individualised exercise programs.

So why use our gym rather than a standard fitness centre? Researchers have recently raised a number of concerns at the high number of gyms and fitness centres failing to comply with industry guidelines designed to reduce the risk of injury when exercising. Professor Caroline Finch, head of the Centre for Healthy and Safe Sport at Federation University in Victoria said that a third of fitness centres failed to screen members for pre-existing medical conditions.

“We pride ourselves on making sure we fully assess a person’s physical condition, their needs and goals as part of our standard practice” said Andrew Powell, senior exercise physiologist at our clinic, “we want to help people improve their physical fitness without risking injury.”

So whether you want to train for a sport, improve your fitness, recondition your body, manage and improve chronic pain conditions, or rehabilitate after surgery or injury we have a program for you.