Don’t suck it up and keep going

This is the advice given by Jude King, Clinical Program Coordinator and Pain Counsellor, to Tradies during Tradies National Health Month in an interview for the Canberra City News. A Safe Work Australia report shows that 35 employees a day, working in the construction industry are injured seriously enough that they need a week or more off work, although Canberra’s construction industry is undergoing a shift in their culture, with better education and awareness that safety is the first priority of everyone in the industry.

Musculoskeletal issues are the most common conditions that present to Capital Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic and Jude states that it is better to do something sooner rather than later to stop the injury or pain from getting worse. The Clinic offers a two hour information session on ‘Functioning with Pain”, a program to help patients decide whether they want to undertake any of the treatments available in the Clinic or get a GP referral to see one of the Specialists.