Physical activity that helps rheumatoid arthritis

No one wants to get a condition like rheumatoid arthritis but if you do you will fare better if you had been physically active before the onset of the disease. This was identified in a recent scientific study involving 600 Swedish patients. Benefits were seen for both physical and emotional components of the overall impact…

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Pain in older persons

Professor Stephen Gibson, internationally renowned researcher in pain in older persons presented a review Pain In Older Persons at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Pain Society in Hobart, April 2014. There is an inadequate recognition of pain and its impact in older people in the community and even in some specialist pain clinics….

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Mindfulness for people with chronic pain

MINDFULNESS FOR PEOPLE WITH CHRONIC PAIN Read on to find out how Mindfulness can really help you Next available course 1st July – 5th August 2014 Six two hour sessions held on Tuesdays 3pm – 5pm What is the Cost? $350 ($180 for concession card holders) This course books out quickly so register today to…

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Is your exercise program helping or harming you?

Participating in an exercise program that is specifically written for you, one that reflects your health and ability is absolutely essential. At Capital Pain and Rehabilitation we do just that. Not only do we have a fully equipped gym that also contains specialised rehabilitation equipment, we also have highly qualified exercise physiologists that oversee and…

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Acupuncture works for pain relief!

A billion people can’t be wrong! That’s right, a billion people around the world use acupuncture to relieve their pain. And a scientific controlled study of 550 patients in four Melbourne hospital emergency departments has proven it.  The study found that the use of acupuncture for acute lower back pain, sprained ankles and headaches is…

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An intensive neck strengthening program

An intensive neck strengthening program using our special Multi-Cervical Unit, is an effective therapy for chronic cervical pain. And we can prove it! The MCU – Multi-Cervical Unit objectively measures neck range of movement (ROM) and isometric strength. Treatment is then prescribed based on the results of these findings, as well as subjective questionnaires. At…

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After listening to feedback from our patients we have changed our name to make it clearer that we are a pain and rehabilitation clinic. Our multidisciplinary clinic specialises in treating chronic persistent pain, spasticity, and rehabilitation after injury, stroke or surgery. We are here to help you, so please call us on 6282 6240

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Living Well With Pain Consumer Symposium for Hobart

Living Well With Pain Consumer Symposium   Living well with Pain Consumer Symposium Sunday April 13 – Hobart Painaustralia invites you to attend Living Well with Pain – a consumer symposium to be held at the Grand Chancellor Hobart, Sunday April 13. Leading Australian and International experts on pain management will discuss new knowledge about pain,…

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A recent Australian study following up on previous study of MRI scans of cervical spine musculature in people suffering from whiplash related neck pain (as well as other causes of neck pain) showed significant alteration in neck muscles.  Atrophy, or wasting, of neck muscles was far more evident in patients suffering from chronic pain related to…

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In a study published in the highly reputable journal “Spine” in January 2013 over 1000 participants completed questionnaires at their first consultation when they first saw a doctor for low back pain. Nearly 80% were followed up three months later.Very significantly, it was noted that patients’ expectations of recovery at the first consultation were strongly…

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Here is some interesting information from an article “Are older Adults with Chronic Musculoskeletal pain less active than Older Adults with pain?” Pain Medicine Journal 2013 Older Adults with Chronic Pain are consistently profoundly less active than their peers without chronic pain. Less activity is associated with a number of negative effects including a less…

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Is Sitting down all day bad for you?

Sitting is it all that bad for you? Here are some snippets from a really interesting item that appeared in The Canberra Times last week: Research shows our lifestyles are now killing us earlier, via heart disease and diabetes. This research shows that’s people who are spending higher amounts of time sitting have an increased…

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